Forever21 Artist Series

Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat are among several artists whose work can be identified based on it’s uniqueness. The bright colors and various patterns have been seen all over the streets of New York where both of these artists were based.

The late Keith Haring has always been a favorite artist of mine. He was an advocate for gay rights and was open about his struggle with AIDs which eventually lead to his death at age 31.

Basquiat and Haring became friends through the artist scene and each began working with artists like Andy Warhol. Basquiat’s successful life sadly became enveloped by drugs. He passed away at age 27 due to overdose.

Forever 21 has created a new collection: the Artist Series which will be featuring the two popular artists Haring and Basquiat. The collection includes styles for both men and women including swimwear and pieces perfect for summer.

While this line is not due to be released until May 23rd, I just so happened to come across it early! The graphic designs and colors of every piece immediately caught my eye. I got my hands on nearly everything. All except for the one-piece swimsuit is cotton so even being from F21, the items should hold up fairly well. Prices range from just $8-$19 and be sure to ask for the military discount this Memorial Day weekend as well (it’s not advertised).

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