Betsey is Back! (almost)

Betsey Johnson’s Instagram Photo of some of the new dresses!

Betsey Johnson has always been and will always be my favorite designer.  When I heard [last April] about Betsey boutiques across the country shutting down and Chapter 11 being filed, I was shocked and very upset.  I felt like I had spent more time in that store than in my own home.  The Betsey gals at the Jacksonville store were so fun and always there to help me find that next piece to add to my collection.

Recently, news that Betsey is back has been all over.  She has been restructuring the brand and has now teamed up with The Levy Group who is helping her line live on.  Her new dresses will feature some of the classic lines and designs of the past and will be available in boutiques and department stores this coming Spring! A more affordable price ranging from $99 to $249 is also something to be excited about.

Ms. Johnson’s newly designed website is already carrying some of her new goodies so be sure to check it out!

Betsey’s 60s inspired Fall 2012 Collection

Betsey Johnson has been one of my favorite designers since I discovered her store here in  Jacksonville, FL.  Betsey has been known for her fun and feminine designs since the  70s and continues to design at 70 Years old!  Just today, February 13, Betsey Johnson’s new Fall 2012 collection premiered at Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week.

Here is a look at the amazing 60s inspired collection:

And as always… the show is concluded with the famous cartwheel and split!

Source: Betsey Johnson